A Responsive Website: The Best Investment Your Business Can Make

Responsive Website: The Best Investment

Imagine you could immediately create one hundred fresh leads for your business. Not a bad day if you’re a small or medium business owner.

Now imagine that on their first interaction with your website, without even reading a word, you lose about forty.

This is what happens when you don’t have a responsive website. 40% of people will simply choose another provider if your site doesn’t display properly on a phone or tablet. Read more…

How Non Responsive Websites Lose You Money

We understand that creating, developing and maintaining a business website can be a drag. It’s time consuming, and it can cost a lot of money. Change your thinking though, and consider it from the customer’s perspective.

Let’s assume you need a lawyer to draw up a contract between you and a key client. You don’t currently have a lawyer, you’ve been given no recommendations, and you head to Google. You’re on your phone, google “Contracts lawyer” and you click the first result. The website is tiny, scaled down from a desktop version, and you need to pinch to zoom to read anything. You keep accidentally clicking on links. It’s hard to read, much less find, the information you’re looking for. Would you waste your time, or would you go back and find another result that’s optimised for mobile?

Most people look for another result, and this isn’t great news for you if you’re the business owner. This is the problem that businesses who aren’t investing in responsive websites are having. You could have the best product, best customer service, competitive prices, but you’ll be losing potential customers before you’ve ever got the chance to communicate it.

It’s also important to remember that many customers will visit your site multiple times, from multiple devices. Providing a consistent, full experience for your users no matter the screen size can’t be undervalued. People like it when they return to a site they’ve previously visited on their laptop and it looks and feels the same on their mobile. Try it with your favourite online retailer.

Responsive Websites: The Real Numbers

We all know that more and more website traffic is coming from mobile devices like phones and tablets, but did you know exactly how much?

  • In 2014, mobile search traffic outstripped desktop for the first time ever. It’s only going to keep going up. Read more…
  • Four in five smartphone users access retail content on their devices at least monthly. Read more…
  • 70% of mobile searches leads to action within 1 hour. Read more…

In fact, mobile is moving so quickly that the statistics above are probably outdated already. In 2012, 25% of people only accessed the internet with a mobile device. Imagine where that number is now.

Something that many people don’t know is that Google also likes you to have a fully responsive website. It’s important to always remember that Google is in the business of serving the most relevant information possible to people searching. As of last year, Google will actually rank your website higher in their search results if it’s mobile optimised, simply because more people can access it easily.

If you don’t have a responsive website, it’s probably the best investment you can make right now as a business owner. Think of how many potential customers you could have already lost. Then, talk to us! Enticedigital can help you build a fully responsive, fast, optimised website.

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